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The Heart-Centred, Confident Mom.

Are you ready to dissolve the daily power struggles? Do you want to feel heard when you speak with your child? Do you want to feel empowered as a confident Mom & Woman?! 

Then you're in the right place!

 We will create radical changes in family dynamics by aligning more deeply in love & connection, where everyone is supported to be their authentic selves. We will do this by tapping into self-awareness and developing the mind, body and spirit connection. As well as learning practical tools for creating ease and flow in your daily life.

Raise your hand if you are you fed up with feeling like you are not enough, are always making mistakes, messing your kids up, don't know who you are anymore, sick of yelling and feeling awful! Do you want to parent from a place of calm and compassion? Then PLEASE join me in my "Heart-Centered, Confident Mom Course".

I created it just for you! Because I myself have felt that exact same way, and still do sometimes! It is time to set down the weight of "Mom Guilt"! This parenting thing didn't come with a manual, it comes with something better, YOU! Our kids do not need us to be perfect, only to do our best. That’s why I needed to share my deepest life lessons and Ah-Ha moments from the last 6 years of what I call my spiritual awakening. I will share things like the importance of making time for self-care, personal growth and self-discovery. Our kids learn the most from us not by what we say but what we do.


I want to help you create a deep connection with yourself so that you can be the catalyst for the changes you desire in your family dynamics and routines.  


Course Overview

Modules at a glance

  • Module 1: Admitting the Problem

  • Module 2: Embodying your body

  • Module 3: Mindset

  • Module 4: everything you need is already inside you

  • Module 5: Embracing the child you were gifted

  • Module 6: Where do I start?

  • Module 7: Emotional Release….formerly known as Tantrums.

  • Module 8: Your Parenting Superpowers

Module 1: Admitting the Problem


We will start by exploring the concept of shame and how it may be affecting our actions as parents. The goal is to grow our self-awareness so that we become clear on what is no longer serving us. This makes space to clear out the old and step into a fun new way of interacting with our inner and outer worlds.

What to Expect:

Intention setting.

Detailed discussion on shame 5 journaling prompts.

EFT exercise - polarity reversal.

In the moment tools to use when you are feeling triggered or in shame.

Module 3: Mindset


To learn about the 2 different mindsets and how we can make our life’s easier by consciously choosing which mindset we operate from. We will also be exploring ways to foster a more desirable mindset in and for our children to set them up for success.

What to Expect:

Mindset Quiz: Which mindset are you?

Qualities of the different mindsets.

How our mindsets affect how we show up and the way we parent.

Tips on cultivating a growth mindset in you and your kids.

A parenting ‘In Practice’ example.

Module 5: Embracing the child you were gifted.


To gain a solid and functional understanding of what exactly is conscious, connective, heart-centred parenting. It is my goal that your relationship becomes the priority and that the outward behaviour and societal norms start to fall away in their level of importance.

What to Expect:

A talk and exercise in acceptance.

If not punishments, bribes, and threats…then what? Intro to connection and empathy.

5 journaling prompts.

The 5 questions all kids need answered.

Module 7: Emotional Release...formerly known as Tantrums.


Helping you not only cope with those BIG meltdowns but teaching you how to use them to strengthen your relationship with your child. Added bonus they are developing a deep awareness of themselves, their needs and comfort in fully feeling their feelings.

What to Expect:

Guided meditation.

What is a tantrum and are they necessary?

How to handle them when they come up.

This course is for you if:

•You want to have a deeper, more playful relationship with your child/children.
•You are ready to learn more about yourself so that you can show up more authentically in your relationships.
•You want to experience more love and mutual respect between you & your kids.
•You are ready to make changes in how you are currently parenting.

This course is not for you if:

•You are looking for an easy step-by-step formula to get your children to comply. Relationships are complex and take work and nurturing.
•You believe that children should be seen and not heard.
•If you are not ready to challenge the belief that threats, bribes & punishments are the “right way” to parent.
•If you want your child to change and are not ready to change yourself and your own behaviour.


Promise: By the end of this 8-week program of action, you will feel more confident in your parenting skills and being more aligned/embodied with being a wholehearted parent.


Function: Weeks 1-4 we will tap into self-awareness with mind, body and spirit. Week 5-8 we get focused on the parenting toolbox.


Purpose: To create radical changes in family dynamics aligned with love, where everyone is supported to be their authentic selves.


Module 2: Embodying your body


To develop a more intimate relationship with ourselves and our body image. FACT: 90% of what our children are learning from us, is from watching our behaviour and attitudes. This means that we cannot escape the reality that how we feel about ourselves directly informs our Kiddos on how to treat themselves. By learning tools on how to feel good in our skin now, we can model body positivity and self-care with more ease and authenticity.

What to Expect:

A body blessing.

5 journaling prompts.

Why how we feel about ourselves matters in our parenting.

Tools to increase self-esteem & change the outlook.

Module 4: Everything you need is already inside you.


Here you are given permission to tap into your intuition, to unapologetically be your authentic self and to align how you want to be parenting with how you are parenting. We work to stop “should-ing” on ourselves.

What to Expect:

Grounding meditation.

A perspective shift on self-limiting beliefs.

7 journaling prompts.

Applying our new understanding specifically to our relationship with our kids.

Module 6: Where do I start?


Now that you have a clear understanding of what connective parenting is, I am going to lay-out simple, real-life tools to support you in making the shift from control parenting to connection, play-based parenting.

What to Expect:

Guided meditation.

The 4 tools in your connection based toolbox


Module 8: Your Parenting Superpowers


Review and solidify the tools we have learned, as well as learn how to set limits in the situations where connection has been lost or the behaviour is too off track to simply play.


Your parenting superpowers.

A review of what we have covered.

How to gently and effectively set limits.


How It Works

I want you to feel empowered, confident and aligned with being a wholehearted parent, who is equipped with your new parenting toolbox that allows you to tap into self-awareness first. This is what allows us to show up as our best selves in our relationships with others, especially our children.

This will all be accomplished in a carefully created 8 Module course. This can be done at your own pace. Some need more time than others, and that's OK! Once you purchase the course you will receive a special password to Login to the members only section on this page. There you will find a video for each course, along with a downloadable PDF that includes journal prompts and resources.  You will then be invited to join in the private The heart-centred, Confident Mom FB group. This will be a safe space for all those who have taken the course and wish to be supported and connect with other like-minded mamas. I will also do live question and answer segments in this group with any feedback I receive from you!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can my husband take this course?
YES! I am so passionate about getting families on the same page that there is no additional cost for your co-parent to take the class. Module 2 is the only module that is geared specifically towards women as we speak about embracing our bodies. These concepts also can apply to men but please excuse the heavy female bias.

Is this course suitable for grandparents?

Again, YES! There is so much power to doing the work together. I do not have a group rate for grandparents at this time but if the demand continues to grow it may come.

Take a look at all the amazing content I have lined up for you. So much growth and learning will be taking place.

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